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Year One.

2015 has been a relentlessly challenging, but incredibly rewarding year for us. While we quickly realized that the learning curve to starting and running a corporation is daunting at best, we are unbelievably grateful to have such a diverse and wonderful family of clients who have made this endeavor possible through their continued support of our work.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement in helping us realize our dream. May 2016 be an even better and even crazier year for all of us!

Come take a trip with us through our first year.

First, a bit about us.



Born and raised in Canal-Fulton, OH, Robert attended the Art Institute in Pittsburg, PA and made his way out to Sacramento, CA where he has lived and worked for over 12 years.

In high school, Robert worked as a manager at McDonald’s and then transitioned to an in-house designer at an exhibit company, creating large format presentation exhibits for a wide range of clients and industries. After moving out to Sacramento, Robert worked as chief graphic designer for many leading engineering firms including MWH Global, Psomas, and West Yost Associates.

All the while, over the course of about 10 years, he continued to feed his entrepreneurial spirit and foster his own sole proprietorship, designing and operating under the name Creative RAM.




Also hailing from the mid-west, Glen grew up in Noblesville, IN. He attended Ball State University in Muncie, IN with a focus on Marketing and Advertising. Following graduation, he moved out to Los Angeles where he landed a job at a movie advertising company in the heart of Hollywood.

There, Glen had many different responsibilities from Music Supervisor to Manager of Digital Strategy. He handled most all presentation design for the company.

Having the same entrepreneurial spirit as his father (and Robert), Glen followed his interest in design and learned the craft through hands-on, real-world experience. Prior to his advertising experience, Glen had developed branding systems for several companies in Indiana. Over the course of about 10 years, his freelancing efforts had built a sizable client base.

In addition to his full-time job in advertising, Glen operated as a designer providing services under his own name.


A friendship begins.

A Thanksgiving hosted by mutual friends in 2010 was where Glen and Robert were first introduced. At the time, Glen’s roommate, JD, (from Ohio) had a friend, Dusty, who he knew from grade school, living about an hour south of LA. Each year JD and Dusty would get together for Thanksgiving and this particular year, JD invited Glen to join while Dusty invited one of his old Ohio friends, Robert.

After meeting, cooking, nerding-out on design conversations, and having much in common, they became instant friends.

December 31, 2012

Glen is laid off from his ad agency and begins looking for work.

All the while, Robert and Glen collaborate on design projects together for each other’s clients. As work continues to flow in at a steady pace, Glen and Robert discuss the possibilities of going all-in on their own brand new company.

September 13, 2014

Glen & Robert meet over coffee in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco and decide to officially incorporate under the name Commuter Industries.

October 25, 2014

The official Halloween launch party for Commuter Industries occurs and is one of the most extensive and comprehensive branding efforts the company has undertaken.

November 18, 2014

All paperwork is filed and approved and Commuter Industries is officially incorporated, trademarked, and open for business!

By the numbers for 2015

New Clients



hours worked

Some Highlights from 2015

Aperol Spritz Break
Event Materials Design

Swell (an events agency) brought us on to design event materials and handle branding for Aperol’s North American campaign for the Aperol Spritz called “Aperol Spritz Break”. Items included logo development, bar and back bar, bar cart, and a light-up marquee.

  • CI_2015_DWA_Peabody2
  • CI_2015_DWA_Peabody3
  • CI_2015_DWA_Peabody1
  • CI_2015_DWA_Dino1
  • CI_2015_DWA_Dino2
  • CI_2015_DWA_Dino3
  • CI_2015_DWA_Dino4
  • CI_2015_DWA_DRTTE2
  • CI_2015_DWA_DRTTE1
  • CI_2015_DWA_Spoof1
  • CI_2015_DWA_Spoof2

DreamWorks Animation
& Netflix

The DreamWorks Animation and Netflix partnership brings wonderful entertainment to the streaming world for kids. We were asked to design many promotional materials for Dawn of the Croods, The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, Dinotrux, Dragons: Race to the Edge, and Puss In Boots.


We developed branding and interior design for this new 10,000 square foot indoor children’s playland. From floorpan to physical installation, our tasks included sourcing of furniture, lighting, and toys, space planning, renderings and interior staging, along with custom wall art design and installation, wall graphic illustrations, signage, business cards, menus, and party invitations.

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Shag’s artwork is ubiquitous and his signature style is unmistakable. He asked us to create a new official website to feature his work, so we designed a clean and simple, presentation that lets the artwork shine while also complementing his high-contrast, sharp graphic style.

California WaterFix

California’s long-term drought has become a crippling issue for the state. Governor Brown has a multi-billion dollar public works project to address the problem and we were brought on to establish all branding and create a website and educational materials for the State’s many shareholders and residents.

We have also had the continued honor of working with the following group of wonderful people throughout the year:

Thank you, everyone for helping make this year a huge success.

We wish you and your families a warm and happy holiday season, and we look forward to working together in 2016!